Selling vs. Long Term Growth

Each & every day most businesses seek out new top line revenue through organic growth. Most of us are not capitalized well enough to look at other alternatives. Growth today comes in the form of new products, sectors, markets & countries. Competition & consolidation has forced many firms to venture outside their comfort zone.

Unfortunately, many small & medium size entities attack this process in reverse order, usually yielding negative results. Most, will list selling as their number priority & goal. Not market research, marketing, product development, testing, competitive analysis, etc. Sales & growth are the byproduct of a lengthy process that requires capital, patience & months/years of relationship building. Attempting to sell before doing the “homework” will not result in long term growth; especially in new markets & sectors.

The markets today are more complex. The average sales cycle is 9-14 months. Selling as a function requires much more planning & strategy than it did 20 years ago. Just showing up for a meeting with your products/services will yield nothing more than T&E expenses for your firm.

There is a major difference between selling & long term revenue growth. Making a sale is a stagnant function. Growth is a dynamic process achieved through proper business development.