" I don't need a plan"

A successful trip to the grocery store requires even a little planning. Amazingly though, according to a few, not required to grow a business!!

Had it only been a single occurrence, I would have let it go & obviously not taken your time to read about it in a blog. BUT I have had three potential clients all tell me in one form or another that they not only want to enter a new market but a foreign market without a plan, research or strategy; we need sales.

First of all if you need sales that badly, you have not taken business development seriously for a long time. Just the fact that you have reached this high level of urgency is alarming.

Secondly, no sales & marketing person would think of taking on a client without first devoting the time to their homework. It is very possible; I could save a client thousands of dollars just from the results of a few months of work. It is quite possible I have to tell the client to avoid the market they are in such a rush to "sell".

This rush to sell, (aside from it being a corporate concern) is so 80's. Let's pack up our stuff, get on a plane & go sell in the US. Good luck.

Please take the time, invest a few dollars & find out if the market is right for your firm. If it is, then PLEASE put together a plan. Understand the competition, pricing, sectors, margins etc. The investment you make upfront will result in a very professional & successful presentation when it finally comes time to "sell".