"Thanks but no thanks"

Should you ever feel good about turning down work?

Having been in sales a good part of my adult life, this was always a difficult concept once I had stepped out on my own. As a corporate employee & then as an owner of a small business, top line revenue growth was always the name of the game. Turning down a sale was not common.

As I began to enter the next phase of my life as an independent business development consultant, I initially networked with veteran solopreneurs & continually heard stories of work that was turned away. At first I thought these guys were nuts. Who declines growth; especially when it directly affects you?

Well turns out these guys were far from crazy & I was the one with much to learn in this new world. So many potential clients & projects have the allure (fees) but come with so much baggage. It takes a little time to begin to see the difference between these and the ones that have the potential for great cooperation AND repeat business.

As I found out it is not uncommon to find projects with unrealistic expectations, support issues, timing problems & fee discrepancies.

So as one consulting veteran told me, "the work you may be happiest about may be the work you turn down".