Selling vs Development

How to create long term value

I am continually talking to potential clients interested in "selling", "making a sale", "finding new clients" etc. I then proceed to ask them what these things mean to them. Typically I get the "I need to increase revenue" answer.

Well we all want to increase revenue, but, is making a sale the long term answer? Many want to jump right in without a plan or strategy (I have already blogged on that topic). They see the quick sale as the answer to their growth & revenue issues.

Quick sales are easy to execute (drop your price, offer discounts etc.) but should never be confused with creating value through long term relationship development. And usually these short term sales do not solve your growth problems. If anything, those looking for a quick hit, usually are enlightened to the fact that they have no semblance of a business development plan. And until they implement one, they will always be chasing a "sale".

Many want to avoid the time, investment & patience required to create real value. Those looking for the quick sale usually will avoid market research, pricing & competitive analysis, packaging & merchandising issues etc.

Think "value creation" not just a sale.