Selling: Comfort Breeds Trust

Develop trust without getting personal

I'm not a big believer in the schmoozing method to selling, although I am a true fan of developing professional trust by creating a level of comfort.

By comfort, I do not mean sharing stories about sports, kids or beer consumption. I look to make the client comfortable in my ability & my firm's capability to deliver. Today, it's all about results & managing the business for the client. I'm looking to make the client comfortable on a professional level.

I fully understand sales is about developing relationships. I do not dispute that fact. Although, I think today it is more about the professional relationship more so than the personal one. Developing trust that you & your firm will execute is more important than creating a connection on a personal basis.

If you have done your homework, planned & prepared properly you are well on your way to creating that critical level of comfort & trust, without having to delve into the clients personal life.

Remember, the client's performance will ultimately be judged by your ability to deliver as promised and not by the size of the fruit basket you sent.