Salespeople- Churn & Burn

Do Salespeople "Over" promise

First let me upfront & say I am a salesperson at heart & not an HR professional. I can only comment on what I am seeing among friends, colleagues & former employees. I welcome any professional views on the subject.

Over the last 2-3 years, I have seen so much turnover in sales. Granted we are in the midst of some very troubled times but 3-4 positions in 24-30 months!!!

Again, as an untrained professional in Human Resources I can only come to two conclusions; all of these folks are bad performers or many are promising too much to employers that are desperate for top line growth.

I tend to think it is the latter. It is a volatile combination that now exists; companies badly in need of sales & salespeople badly in need of work. I do think we have very solid sales professionals telling potential employers what they want to hear. Unfortunately, that may be something that cannot be achieved in the desired time frame; i.e. an "over" promise. A terrible way to begin a new employment relationship.

Promising & guaranteeing results is just not prudent & both parties should really know better. But it seems these difficult times are leading us to put on blinders to a situation that will most likely end badly for all.