Business Development and Networking

Do they have anything in common?

I know the main issue with networking is that many people find it awkward. Although just as important, is the fact that many of us do not do it on a continuing basis. We look at networking as a necessity during times of unemployment. It starts the day we lose our job & luckily ends after we find a new one.

I found this stop & go approach to networking very similar to many companies business development efforts. Rather than a year round strategy with weekly & monthly goals; most initiate as top line is threatened (recession, loss of large account, relationship change etc.) & cease upon achieving a new comfort zone.

Unfortunately neither of these (networking & business development) is best maximized without a plan & a truly consistent effort. Both require time before results can be seen & therefore very difficult to kick start at the time the results are desired.

Think of business development as you would any other daily function; accounting, shipping, customer service etc. You would never consider putting these off for a day.