Sales Momentum

Resiliency + Perseverance= Momentum

I can think no other intangible that has such a huge impact on sales success. We can discuss at length strategy, planning, marketing etc. that will alter the course of your success. But unlike momentum, these are things we can see & touch.

Momentum is more of a feeling that you are building & gaining on a goal. It is an extremely positive feeling that allows you to continue you on your path & weather the even the toughest conditions.

If you have played sports, you know that great feeling during a winning streak. You just can't wait until the next game. Once you begin to drive solid sales results, it is possible you will begin to feel the rush of momentum; driving you to that next phone call or appointment.

I caution all that momentum takes time, effort & possibly setbacks along the way. Momentum is sometimes said to be a result of extreme resiliency & perseverance. So keep that in mind, during down times.

I am sure we can look at sports & even more so at life & see those that have built great momentum toward goal attainment. I can assure you, it will be just as easy to see the obstacles they overcame on their path to success.

Remain resilient & persistent. Drive your own momentum toward success.