Growth Opportunities - Brazil

What recession??

Welcome to a country that is hungry for imports & has a robust economy to match. While most of the world is consumed with the recession & it's aftershocks, Brazil has continued to prosper & shows no signs of coming off the gas.

I recently signed a JV deal with a Brazilian business development group. We are focusing on brand expansion, marketing, sales etc for firms seeking entry into this market. Within two weeks of signing the deal & getting the word out, I had more inquiries from firms looking to expand in Brazil than I had in six months for those with interest in the US.

This is not to say that Brazil will not level off or the US will not come back but it sure is a statement on today's consumer markets.

It is just prudent business to investigate & research these opportunities. Just take a look at today's larger companies & research where a good portion of their revenue growth is being generated. It surely is not at home.

We need to find revenue outside our comfort zone if we plan to grow in the coming years. Take a look at Brazil.