Less Risk = Less Return (if any)

Simple Business Concept??

You would think this is a concept that has its roots in business school. Unlike other professions, business, we have learned, is inherently risky. The level of success achieved can be a direct result of the risk(s) taken. This is even more so the case for entrepreneurs, small business owners & any business person attempting to develop business.

Yet, every week I encounter more & more people that either did not take this course or failed to grasp its very simple concept. I continually hear "I need to open new markets", "I want an importer for my goods," "I need top line growth" etc... I fully understand, especially in difficult times, the need to grow & expand. Then if we were to revert back to the risk/reward model, the question most should ask " what am I willing to invest (risk) for these results"?

Suprisingly the answer is nothing, zero, nada, zilch. I mention to these folks that I would like stock dividends but I do not want to invest in the stocks!!!

All kidding aside, I can only surmise that many do get this simple concept but are unwilling to invest in growth. Revenue, sales, growth etc. are not going to come knocking at your door.

Please think through a plan for growth that includes a risk/rewards analysis. No one stands still in business. If you are not growing & moving up the ladder, you are certainly falling.