Where are the Investment Dollars

One reason why its tough finding clients/customers today!

According to the Federal Reserve, non financial US businesses are sitting on $1.85 trillion dollars of liquid assets. Not a misprint, trillion is correct.

So if you are sitting there day after day wondering why you cannot find any new business; look no further you have found the answer. Yes, the recession initially brought us to our knees, but now we are stuck in neutral until we begin to see some investment.

Liquidity does no good for shareholders or the economy hidden in a mattress. Sure paying down debt is a great idea and some are doing so. Yet, the lack of investment in technology, products, innovation etc. is severely putting a crimp on our ability to grow & find new business. If there ever was a trickledown effect, this is it. Little guys have no chance to grow until the big guys loosen the noose on their cash reserves.

The recession is officially over. Let's come out from our fox holes & look to the next decade with a sense of optimism. Start investing. Let's start growing again.