Direct Selling on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Are you having any success??

I must admit to being somewhat amused reading these direct sales pitches on these networking sites. First, I find it unfortunate that this is really part of some type of plan or strategy. Secondly, selling is about trust & a relationship built on accountability & responsibility.

Now, I am a great believer in these networks as a source to develop connects & eventual collaboration in the future. Not as a platform to direct sell products & services. It impossible to believe that this will result in any real long term value creation.

There are no short cuts in attempting to grow top line revenue. There needs to be a plan, strategy & budget. Without one of these, the failure rate increases greatly. These ingredients result in sales in the long term. Usually the sales first mentality will only yield very limited short term results.

I do not have any solid data on this sales method but based on the number of repeated attempts by the same people/companies to sell the same thing over & over again, I would have to conclude that their time could better spent looking into a long term plan for growth.