Growing your business WITHOUT Investment

Hoping your way to growth!

I see so many solicitations across all media promising immediate results that it is very possible you may begin to believe it is possible to grow without investing. All you have to do is join this site, sign up for a newsletter, join a group etc. Obviously, I am not a believer in this thought process. While I am sure it happens from time to time the odds are surely not in your favor.

If this is the basis for your growth plan & strategy, you should not be surprised at the outcome. In my small consultancy, I realized that if I did not invest in marketing, business development, branding, selling etc. I was going nowhere. In fact the amount I invested this year (approx. $20K), is much more than many potential clients I spoke to were willing invest. And they were 10-50 times the size of my firm!

I am old school here. If you really want grow you need the three essentials; a plan, a strategy AND a budget. If one of these is missing, the failure rate begins to climb rapidly.

While you can try to grow without investing, I am not sure sitting around hoping is much of a plan or strategy.