Denying the Sales Process

Today, we continue to hear how video games & the internet have created a generation of kids that need immediate satisfaction. I can see it in my own kids; no longer willing to go through the process. Just get me immediately from to A  to Z.

I think the global downturn has created a very similar mentality in business. It certainly seems we have no time, energy or money to go through the process. We want results yesterday for little or no cost. Unfortunately this thinking & video games are not reality.

I can understand the pressure a business must be under these days; slow (if any) growth, foreign competition, credit issues, government regulation....We are all looking to come through this global malaise. Unfortunately, it will not happen without a plan or denying the reality of the process to get there.

Yet, each week I am confronted with more small business owners that are unwilling to accept the sales, marketing & brand growth cycles that exist in their industry. Somehow, they are going to get to "Z", through either prayer or fate. Amazingly, we either stare at the process & deny it exists or somehow come to the conclusion that it should be free or guaranteed.

If we intend to grow small business & create greatly needed job, we need to invest in the growth process. Hoping, praying or relying on strategies from 25 years ago is not going to get it done. Afterall, this is business, not a video game. Only one, gives you immediate satisfaction.