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Commission Model

In its day the 100% commission structure yielded many an entrepreneur a great opportunity to earn a living well beyond that of any corporate structure. It also provided companies with very inexpensive resources in which to grow; an excellent return on investment (usually zero aside from some training).

Selling vs. Long Term Growth

Each & every day most businesses seek out new top line revenue through organic growth. Most of us are not capitalized well enough to look at other alternatives. Growth today comes in the form of new products, sectors, markets & countries. Competition & consolidation has forced many firms to venture outside their comfort zone.

International Market Penetration: Cost & Risk Share Model

As business continues on its path to being totally global, more & more companies seek entry into new & unknown markets for growth. These markets have great potential to create new revenue streams. This potential does not come without cost or risk. Most require a capital investment, in addition to ongoing expenses to develop the business.

Business Development: Waiting Is Not an Option

As many firms continue to hide under their desks waiting for the economy to improve, there is another group that continues to innovate, initiate & develop. The economy will once again turn favorably & it is these firms that will be poised to take advantage.

Business development is not a stagnant function; it needs to be always in motion regardless of market conditions. Unlike a car engine, it is not easily started once it has been shut down. Today we are dealing with very long sales cycles that require investment of time a money.