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Denying the Sales Process

Today, we continue to hear how video games & the internet have created a generation of kids that need immediate satisfaction. I can see it in my own kids; no longer willing to go through the process. Just get me immediately from to A  to Z.

I think the global downturn has created a very similar mentality in business. It certainly seems we have no time, energy or money to go through the process. We want results yesterday for little or no cost. Unfortunately this thinking & video games are not reality.

Growing your business WITHOUT Investment

I see so many solicitations across all media promising immediate results that it is very possible you may begin to believe it is possible to grow without investing. All you have to do is join this site, sign up for a newsletter, join a group etc. Obviously, I am not a believer in this thought process. While I am sure it happens from time to time the odds are surely not in your favor.

Direct Selling on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

I must admit to being somewhat amused reading these direct sales pitches on these networking sites. First, I find it unfortunate that this is really part of some type of plan or strategy. Secondly, selling is about trust & a relationship built on accountability & responsibility.

Now, I am a great believer in these networks as a source to develop connects & eventual collaboration in the future. Not as a platform to direct sell products & services. It impossible to believe that this will result in any real long term value creation.

Outcome Based, Performance Based...

I am seeing more & more of this at every level. Work now, pay later. Really not comfortable with these models, especially for solo-preneurs, consultants etc. Time is your only asset & investing in one of these ventures is very risky.

I do think there are plenty of great examples of equity based deals that have worked great for all participants. But, I am more concerned today due to the economic & employment situation. Let's face it, at every level of business, there are folks looking to taking advantage of others.

Where are the Investment Dollars

According to the Federal Reserve, non financial US businesses are sitting on $1.85 trillion dollars of liquid assets. Not a misprint, trillion is correct.

So if you are sitting there day after day wondering why you cannot find any new business; look no further you have found the answer. Yes, the recession initially brought us to our knees, but now we are stuck in neutral until we begin to see some investment.

Less Risk = Less Return (if any)

You would think this is a concept that has its roots in business school. Unlike other professions, business, we have learned, is inherently risky. The level of success achieved can be a direct result of the risk(s) taken. This is even more so the case for entrepreneurs, small business owners & any business person attempting to develop business.

Growth Opportunities - Brazil

Welcome to a country that is hungry for imports & has a robust economy to match. While most of the world is consumed with the recession & it's aftershocks, Brazil has continued to prosper & shows no signs of coming off the gas.

Sales Momentum

I can think no other intangible that has such a huge impact on sales success. We can discuss at length strategy, planning, marketing etc. that will alter the course of your success. But unlike momentum, these are things we can see & touch.

Momentum is more of a feeling that you are building & gaining on a goal. It is an extremely positive feeling that allows you to continue you on your path & weather the even the toughest conditions.

Selling Commodities to Large Chains

Many small companies (not all), are usually looking to grow their businesses by venturing into the big box or mass world. And for many that have invested in a brand & marketing their task is somewhat "easier" & much different from those selling commoditized goods.

As opposed to convincing a retailer that your brand following is strong & media plan solid, those selling commodities must focus on the great differentiator "price".

Business Development and Networking

I know the main issue with networking is that many people find it awkward. Although just as important, is the fact that many of us do not do it on a continuing basis. We look at networking as a necessity during times of unemployment. It starts the day we lose our job & luckily ends after we find a new one.