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It goes by many names, prospecting, business development, cold calling etc. depending on your industry. Regardless of the name, the function of driving new sales revenue is not easy & can be downright discouraging.

Therefore it''s not a surprise that many small companies put this on the back burner & only engage in the practice when they see a sales deficit. Unfortunately, this is not much of a business development plan that will return positive results.

" I don't need a plan"

Had it only been a single occurrence, I would have let it go & obviously not taken your time to read about it in a blog. BUT I have had three potential clients all tell me in one form or another that they not only want to enter a new market but a foreign market without a plan, research or strategy; we need sales.

First of all if you need sales that badly, you have not taken business development seriously for a long time. Just the fact that you have reached this high level of urgency is alarming.

"Somethin for nuthin"

As a firm believer in capitalism & the "rules of the game", I always thought opportunity seekers were just good business people; until recently. Not to take away from the fact that yes, astute business folks, really are very good at spotting & cashing in on opportunity.