Selling to Wal-Mart: $1 Million Initial Order

Selling your products to the world’s largest retailer is a major step – but not one easily taken. At one company I owned, we not only sold a collection of products to Wal-Mart, but also became a category top-seller.


This business imported novelty items and, combining brand development and product positioning, developed new products for various categories and retail stores.

We acquired a license for a brand called “Fairy Dust” that was aimed at pre-teen girls. With the license and our import contacts, we developed a line of products - including compacts, lip balm, cosmetics, glitter, and necklaces - under the Fairy Dust name.

Based on our product and merchandising research, we targeted Wal-Mart as a key prospect and secured a sales meeting.

The Bottom Line

As a result of that meeting:

  • Wal-Mart agreed to carry the Fairy Dust line
  • We received an initial order of nearly $1 million
  • The Fairy Dust product line became the best-selling novelty item in Wal-Mart’s toy department that season.

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