A New Business Development Process

Business development goes much deeper than a quick product training and hitting the road to make sales calls.

Whether you want to sell to Target or Tiffany, you have just one chance to make your pitch. Using my process, we’ll prepare for that pitch together. In three clearly defined steps, the Parallel Partner business development process guides you from research to implementation.

Step 1: Assess

  • Product Review – Evaluate your product’s market positioning, differentiation, and suitability for your targets.
  • Infrastructure Review – Gauge your ability to deliver on a major order by reviewing capacity, financing, credit rating, and staffing.

Step 2: Analyze

  • Pricing Analysis – Understand the pricing and margins in your target segment and evaluate against your goals.
  • Competitive Analysis – Map the competitive landscape, understand where your competition is strong and weak, and discover new market opportunities.
  • Customer Analysis – Conduct in-depth research into both channel and end customers to understand what they want/need, what drives their decisions, and how to sell to them.

Step 3: Execute

  • Sales Plan Development – Research and understand the merchandising strategy of your target retail customers. Differentiate and segment. Tailor a successful pitch.
  • Sales Strategy Implementation – Call on target customers, pitch products, land and deliver orders.


Because my approach to business development is focused on, and delivers, long-term results, most of my engagements last 12-18 months. This time is required to devote the necessary attention to each step in the process.

Client Education

At the end of working with me, you’re not left empty-handed. At each step, I’ll educate you so that you’re equipped to continue using my business development process even after your contract with Parallel Partner ends.

Contact me to discuss how this process can help your business grow.