Get Serious About Growth

If you’re ready to transform your company into a national business selling at retail stores throughout the North America I’m ready to help you.

Traditional sales consulting no longer delivers bottom-line results. And hiring a commission-only salesman for a short-term revenue boost won’t sustain long-term growth.

If you’re serious about growing, you need a business development strategy that’s integrated into your day-to-day operations.

Business Development Strategy

When you work with Parallel Partner, I’ll employ my proven business development expertise to grow your company, while also giving you the knowledge necessary to continue executing the strategy.

Working together, we’ll create a business development approach tailored to your needs and goals that transforms selling to retail customers from something you outsource into an integral part of your business. This strategy includes:

  • Capacity planning
  • Product and pricing research
  • Customer and segment research
  • Sales planning and execution.

When you implement this strategy, you’ll stop selling and start focusing on maintaining key, profitable retail relationships – and orders will come much more easily.

Take the step first in bringing your business to the next level by contacting me today.