Speak the Language of International Retail: Growth

Succeeding internationally requires more than just translating your materials and finding a local sales rep. I’ve helped many companies build their overseas sales with my international business development process.

International Business Development

The same approach that I use to create domestic growth strategies applies to international business development - but there’s much more than that, too.

To succeed abroad, you can’t make guesses or half-hearted efforts. Your approach must be based on research and understanding, with a strategy customized to your target country. When developing international business development plans, I research the:

  • Suitability of the product for the target country
  • Target country’s retail landscape
  • Product mix in your space
  • Conditions and context of the country by visiting it to develop on-the-ground knowledge.

Whether you want to sell your products in mass-market retail or create a foundation to successfully open your own branded retail stores, I deliver results.

Begin developing your business’ international channels by sharing your goals.