Start New Products on the Right Foot

You only get one chance to launch a new product. Do it right and you’re on your way to success. Do it wrong and your product may fail. Product launches are complex projects that require knowledge and experience. I’ve led numerous product launches; I can help your new product launch succeed.

New Product Launch

A new product launch is more comprehensive than a go to market strategy. Rather than taking an existing product to new markets, new product launches often entail creating the product to fit a specific market opportunity. When launching new products, I help you:

  • Determine whether to enter a new market under your own name
  • Create a new brand, if the strategy and markets indicate
  • Research products, pricing, positioning, and merchandising
  • Identify niches where the likelihood of success is great
  • Re-design products, if necessary
  • Create and execute a sales plan for the product.

If you’re considering a new product launch or entering a new market, contact me. My experience and process will ensure that your product is positioned for success from day one.